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We tailor our strategy to the needs of our clients, to add value quickly and adapt to their culture and resources, while taking into account the latest technologies and best practices. Our business experience, intellectual property and execution capabilities are second to none. We pragmatically transfer our experience from one sector to another, delivering knowledge that gets results.


SKYLIMITS HOLDING LLC is an international company established in 2022 in Florida for technical resources, research and analysis. We have clients in many industries and 10 years of experience. Our teams have helped clients in the areas of IT infrastructure, strategy, process innovation, data centres, virtualization, desktops, systems and cloud web applications. We have a strong focus on IT project management. We help our customers around the world in an integrated way. We are a complete project management consultancy, from strategy creation to execution and implementation.

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"Shaping our future


SKYLIMIT HOLDING LLC has been a leading project management consultancy and portfolio management service since 2014. We have innovated by adapting the best project management techniques from the banking and energy sectors. We aim to create a multinational business serving clients across all sectors and locations. Our journey brings business transformation capabilities and a footprint in the US, UAE and Canada.

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"We are a unique consultancy thanks to our unrivalled scale, extensive global presence and comprehensive portfolio of value-added project management services. A modern market requires agility and precision to compete. We help you by guiding you towards solid concepts, sound investments in worthwhile projects and successful results. For our reliable industrial customers, we provide support for R&D, IT and transformation initiatives.



{CEO and CTO}

Ahmed Draidi is a passionate and open-minded individual who will be supported by a team of credible and committed individuals who are ready to use all their strengths, availability and professionalism to catapult the company to a higher level.{CEO and CTO}



Sanae Hilal has an insatiable desire to create value by leveraging everyone's capabilities through collaboration, and motivating to take action while providing support and guidance throughout the process to achieve greatness.