Market trends and opportunities in the United States

The consulting services market is a great opportunity for all types of start-up.

Skylimit Holding LLC was founded in the United States in 2022 but brings over 24 years of IT experience in Morocco, France, Canada and the United States. We have completed 100 IT transformation projects for various industries on 3 continents.

The implementation of these global projects has changed over the last three years:

  1. Remote working: The trend towards remote working has created opportunities for SaaS applications and IT consulting services that support remote collaboration and productivity.
  2. Cyber security: The increasing frequency of cyber threats is creating a growing market for cyber security consulting and management services.
  3. Digital transformation: Companies are investing in digital transformation initiatives, creating a demand for consulting services that guide these transformations.
  4. SME growth: The SME market is expanding and SMEs are looking for cost-effective solutions to compete with large enterprises.
  5. Data analytics: The need for data-driven decision making is increasing, creating opportunities for consulting services related to data analysis and business intelligence.

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How can we understand the consulting market in the United States?