CDW Canada, Montreal, Canada

CDW Canada, Montreal, Canada

From April 2022 to December 2022, Skylimit Holding LLC managed and executed many major IT projects for CDW Canada in Montreal, Canada. Skylimit experts, focusing on Data Center Fusion and Acquisitions, were instrumental in the strategic planning and seamless integration of the SLP acquisition in the United States. The primary tasks were managing the whole IT integration, supervising the disaster recovery plan for IPEX in 2022, and carrying out challenging projects professionally.

The Skylimit Holding LLC Projects Success

The successful deployment and transfer of Oracle on-premises servers to IP4G on the Google Cloud Platform was one of the significant milestones. We offer technical expertise by supervising the deployment and configuration of an entire landing zone in Google Cloud, guaranteeing a smooth transition. Skylimit is committed to providing a perfect experience through testing and end-to-end support for all Oracle applications and third-party systems.

Skylimit also created strategic collaborations for cloud operations managed services and Oracle license assessment and auditing, both on-premises and on GCP. Our thorough partner selection shows its commitment to achieving optimal performance and compliance throughout the integration process.

Skylimit's excellent handling of project limitations, such as scope, schedule, money, and quality, is crucial to the success story. We offer excellent communication among the project team and with stakeholders by generating and maintaining thorough project plans and documentation. The ability to direct project participants' activities toward common goals and establish a collaborative team environment was critical to the project's success.

This success combines technical competence, effective communication, strategic alliances, and thorough project management. Skylimit Holding LLC obtained critical buy-in from stakeholders, creating consensus. Skylimit played a vital role in successfully integrating the SLP acquisition by skillfully resolving disagreements and properly managing stakeholder expectations. This achievement proved that Skylimit Holding LLC is a reliable partner in managing the complexities of complex IT landscapes and meeting key project milestones.


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