Remarkable success of Links Conseil IT

Skylimit Holding LLC is proud to showcase the remarkable success story of our collaboration with Links Conseil IT. Our team demonstrated unparalleled expertise in orchestrating and delivering complex projects, ultimately achieving outstanding results.

Our Achievements

The Migration and Deployment of Workstations project, which spanned 15 sites with 2000 users, including data center facilities and 14 satellite sites, was the first feather in our cap. With a $4 million budget and a team of 10-20 people under our direction, we secured a smooth transition of workstations. We built an authentication solution for remote access via Citrix Access Gateway (VPN). The 12-month project was completed on time and budget, demonstrating our ability to lead and coach cross-functional teams.

In another critical project, we managed the migration of 700 workstations from XP to Seven and operating system migrations and upgrades. With a 6-month deployment deadline and a $200,000 budget, our 15 dedicated experts successfully navigated the complexity, promising a smooth transition while staying within budget limits.

The Feasibility Study for redesigning Active Directory domains and relocating workstations and resources across several disciplines was the third notable triumph. We performed this complex investigation in three months, with a budget of $20,000, while supervising a team of 15 people. This campaign demonstrated our ability to efficiently design and execute complex projects within constrained schedules and budgets.

For technical technology, we were experts in Citrix Xen Server and XenApp, AD Access infrastructure, MDM, MPLS, ADFS, Agility Center, Windows 2003 and 2008 Server, Big-IP, Cisco, Active Directory, Exchange 2007, Windows XP, and Network VPN MPLS.

Skylimit Holding LLC takes excellent satisfaction in completing these projects. They show our ability to handle complexity, effectively manage resources, and exceed customer expectations. We look forward to continuing our relationship and the chance to achieve comparable success in future ventures.


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