Skylimit Holding LLC Transforming IT for Deschenes Group

Skylimit Holding LLC Transforming IT for Deschenes Group

A Skylimit Holding LLC visionary IT Director (Acquisition) spearheaded an incredible turnaround for the Deschenes Group of Montreal, Canada. This success story conveys the process of effectively integrating acquired organizations in the United States and Canada, upgrading the IT infrastructure, and powering the Deschenes Group to new heights.

Skylimit Holding LLC Strategy from Concept to Reality

The IT Director conceived a comprehensive strategy encompassing four pivotal projects:

1.      Complete Computer Integration

Merging the newly acquired firms' IT infrastructures requires careful planning and dedicated effort. The goal was to make the transformation as smooth as possible while minimizing disruptions and optimizing productivity.

2.      SharePoint Migration

The migration from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online represented an overwhelming shift to document management. This improves collaboration, accessibility, and data control tremendously.

3.      Intune Deployment

Implementing Microsoft Intune improved mobile device management and strengthened security across the business, making Deschenes Group more flexible and secure.

4.      Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA for external users accessing Intranet SharePoint Online was a critical security development, strengthening the protection of sensitive information and increasing compliance.

The Flawless Execution of Projects

The success of this project depends on accurate planning and flawless execution. The IT Director distinguishes themselves in several essential areas:

 Well-documented charters and business cases support each project, which provides a clear path with clearly stated objectives and expected successful outcomes.

 The IT Director ensures regular communication and follow-up with the board of directors and keeps all stakeholders informed and on track with the project's goals.

 The IT Director expertly met stakeholder expectations, addressing issues and meeting their needs throughout the project's lifecycle.

Transparency and successful communication were essential elements of success. This allowed collaboration among project team members, leadership, and stakeholders. It generates a collaborative atmosphere critical to the projects' success.

The Skylimit Holding LLC Projects Success

The careful execution of these projects creates tremendous success, leading to a multitude of benefits for the Deschenes Group:

 IT system integration that is seamless

 A simple and safe document management system

 Security and mobile device management

 An integrated and responsive IT infrastructure

The Deschenes Group's IT landscape was transformed by Skylimit Holding LLC's innovative IT Director (Acquisition). This massive success is a credit to their vision, leadership, and constant commitment to innovation. The successful completion of these projects has established Deschenes Group as an industry leader. Deschenes Group is well-prepared to handle the developing IT landscape with agility and flexibility.