Transformative Success in Infrastructure Projects for Desjardins, Montreal

Skylimit Holding LLC became a beacon of excellence in the fast-paced world of financial services. Regarding critical infrastructure projects, our unparalleled passion, strategic prowess, and expertise in technology show through. We carefully control the ship despite various challenges.

Challenge: Inspirational Business Stability with Cloud Application Recovery

The essential task was to design, build, and manage a reliable recovery environment for cloud applications running on Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. This challenging project required directing a team of 30 personnel over a 12-month deployment timeframe with a $3 million budget. Skylimit Holding LLC has shown leadership by developing a detailed project charter with high-level scopes, timelines, and estimations.

Organizing Seamless Deployments and Business Application Testing Solution

Skylimit Holding LLC expertly managed the legacy application transfer and implementation to SharePoint 2010. This included working with 10 people for a 12-month deployment with a $500K budget while applying agile approaches to assure efficiency. Additionally, layered testing, network infrastructure evaluations, and security audits of Windows, Linux, and databases were performed for servers in the Data Center. These actions ensured the IT landscape's reliability and security.

Desjardins' IT Landscape Results

Desjardins witnessed a transformation in its IT infrastructure with Skylimit Holding LLC's project management team. The cloud application recovery environment delivered exceptional business continuity. We ensure that essential services run smoothly. The conversion of legacy applications to SharePoint 2010 improved cooperation and efficiency. However, infrastructure robustness testing protected the Data Center from potential threats.

The security solutions implemented meet and exceed expectations. Skylimit Holding LLC's dedication to excellence resulted in projects being completed on time, within budget, and meeting the highest quality standards.

Key Success Factors of Skylimit Holding LLC's

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Precise Risk Management
  • Financial Responsible
  • Effective Communication[SN1] 


Skylimit Holding LLC's project with Desjardins, Montreal, shows their constant dedication to quality. We met and exceeded our respected client's expectations with innovative solutions. Our thorough project management and collaborative approach leave an unforgettable mark on Desjardins' IT landscape.

The Skylimit Holding LLC Projects Success

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