High-performance computing

Supporting CPU-intensive High Performance Computing (HPC) applications and GPU workstations is a daunting task. This is particularly true for product design organisations in the AEC and manufacturing sectors, or for life sciences companies making medical discoveries. When time-to-market is critical for CAD professionals, sacrificing performance is not an option. This has traditionally led to the deployment of expensive physical workstations. Despite their incredible performance, these physical devices present security risks and operational rigidity.

IT managers have looked to a number of technologies to meet the specific needs of intensive users, such as VDI solutions, VPNs for remote workers and physical workstations connected to the WAN, among others. Unfortunately, the complexity of these solutions and their inability to guarantee secure performance worthy of a local workstation has been detrimental to end-user productivity. Companies are often forced to increase their spending on expensive HPC software and GPU workstations, repeatedly breaching company security procedures to allow power users to carry out their responsibilities. Slow performance has a direct influence on user productivity, which in turn has an impact on the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Main issues addressed by SKYLIMIT HOLDING LLC .

  1. Slow processing: Skylimit Holding LLC recognises the critical importance of fast, efficient computing. Our solution addresses the problems associated with slow processing rates, allowing your power users to work at maximum efficiency.
  2. Unreliable user experience: Skylimit Holding LLC places great importance on a consistent and reliable user experience. Our solution seeks to eliminate disruptions and irregularities, creating an environment in which users can have confidence in the reliability of their IT resources.

Reduced Productivity: Recognizing the direct relationship between system performance and user productivity, Skylimit Holding LLC strives to improve the efficiency of your users by removing barriers to their workflow and production.

Security Risks: Security is a major concern for SKYLIMIT HOLDING LLC. Our solution is designed to provide strong security protections, eliminating the need for companies to sacrifice data security for better performance.

Choose Skylimit Holding LLC to change the way you think about CPU-intensive HPC applications and GPU workstations. Our solution is designed to deliver unmatched performance, protecting the security and productivity of your intensive users while minimizing inefficiency.

The solution

Skylimit Holding LLC's Cloud Workspace Solution is an advanced SaaS cloud desktop and workstation platform for high-performance computing. It strikes a harmonious balance between increasing user productivity and providing a cost-effective, streamlined solution for IT and the business as a whole.

  1. Unrivalled performance: Skylimit Holding LLC excels at delivering secure, low-latency cloud desktops by leveraging the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud worldwide. This ensures exceptional performance for a variety of applications, including CAD, BIM and other graphics-intensive workloads.
  2. Seamless user experience: Skylimit Holding LLC's revolutionary technique combines colocation of data and compute resources in the cloud, ensuring lightning-fast file read/write operations and smooth construction of 3D CAD and BIM models. Even if the connection to the cloud workstation is temporarily interrupted, Skylimit Holding LLC guarantees users that there is no risk of data corruption or loss.

Top-notch security: You can rest assured that Skylimit Holding LLC cloud desktops are safe from theft, loss, malware or user error. Our highly secure design enables end-to-end data encryption, in transit and at rest, as no data is stored on peripheral devices or appliances.

Effortless collaboration: Skylimit Holding LLC enables power users to work collaboratively by centralising all data. Working from a unified data environment reduces the likelihood of errors and rework, improving the collaboration process and increasing overall productivity.

Choose Skylimit Holding LLC for a cloud workspace solution that exceeds the norm, delivering maximum performance, security and collaboration for CAD, BIM and other graphics-intensive applications. Enhance your work experience by working with Skylimit Holding LLC, where productivity meets innovation.

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