Secure remote working The problem

Security is not an option when it comes to remote working. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses with sensitive data to protect. The ability to work remotely is essential to the operation of most businesses. Whether it's a permanent position, a flexible working environment or a contingency plan. People want an intuitive, user-friendly experience, access to their favourite tools and applications, and ways to accomplish simple, agile tasks. You need to be able to help your teams do their best work anytime and anywhere, not just in an office or behind a firewall. This means implementing new cloud-based tools and systems.

While traditional VDI deployments offer essential security benefits, they often result in poor performance for the end user. VPN-based remote access leads to security threats and speed issues, and the use of laptops with SD-WAN does not meet business requirements. The combined impact of these tactics includes.

  • High costs,
  • complex management,
  • lower productivity,
  • compromised agility,
  • higher IT costs for the end user,
  • employee dissatisfaction.

Skylimit Holding LLC provides secure remote working solutions that address the shortcomings of previous methods in response to these critical challenges. We enable organisations to create a seamless and productive remote working environment by prioritising security without sacrificing performance, increasing user satisfaction and overall efficiency.


Skylimit Holding LLC Secure Remote Worker is a simple, scalable and comprehensive security solution that leverages the strength and breadth of the Skylimit Holding LLC platform approach to defend your workforce wherever they are.

Validate authorised users.                         
Check the identity of all users before authorising access to company applications, thanks to simple and secure multi-factor authentication from Skylimit Holding LLC.

Protect users against threats!                              
Skylimit Holding LLC's technology, integrated with Umbrella for Internet security, Cloud Mailbox Defense for email protection and AMP for Endpoints for endpoint security, provides a synchronised defence against threats.

Intuitive applications                                                                           Skylimit Holding LLC offers user-friendly applications for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Empower your remote workforce.                                                Strengthen the security of your business while optimising the performance, cost and flexibility of remote workers and dispersed teams.

AMP (malware protection)                                                               Most attacks start from trusted terminals and devices, usually through software designed to give remote control or access to a computer. Malware is software that can leak sensitive data or lock it into an encryption system controlled by criminals, giving rise to ransomware scenarios. By acting as a barrier, AMP protects the employee by preventing these programs from taking hold. Regardless of the vector by which they are transferred.

Single sign-on (SSO)                                                            
              Skylimit Holding LLC enables users to access company-provided resources via a single point of login. SSO, combined with MFA, allows employees to receive an authentication and authorisation token to access their work tools, reducing password fatigue.

Remote desktop session (RDS) with shared application                   Teleworking solutions don't always have to provide users with single instances. To minimise expenditure, medium-sized businesses often need solutions for shared resources such as applications or workloads. 

Contact us to find out if an application virtualisation solution like RDS is right for your business. Our ultimate security plan will keep your digital life safe. Enjoy award-winning antivirus, privacy and identity protection while improving the speed of your device. Fast, unlimited VPN, password manager, remote IT support and more.

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