VDI Problem

Many businesses have invested considerable funds, both financially and in terms of time, in deploying and operating on-premises VDI throughout the years. Traditional on-premises VDI frequently faces issues that prevent it from integrating seamlessly with today's dynamic work environment. On-premises VDI is financially burdensome due to the significant upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure, limiting its widespread adoption.

Traditional computing setups faced substantial issues in a variety of businesses. The challenges included:

  • High Infrastructure Costs: Businesses spend a lot of money on on-premises hardware, servers, and networking infrastructure. 
  • Employee Accessibility: Traditional setups limit employees' access to work environments. The requirement for physical presence in the office frequently restricted remote work and cooperation, reducing productivity and flexibility.
  • Data security: With the rise of cyber hazards, data security was a significant worry. Protecting sensitive information requires strong safety measures, and the risks associated with on-premises solutions were a constant source of concern for organizations dealing with sensitive data.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep Issues: Maintaining and updating on-premises infrastructure requires committed IT personnel and resources. This frequently resulted in operational disruptions during updates and required organizations to allocate substantial costs for ongoing maintenance.
  • Lack of Disaster Recovery Readiness: Many industries require help developing comprehensive disaster recovery plans. On-premises setups had data backup limitations, and the recovery process could have been more time-consuming and difficult.
  • Slow Technology Adoption: Technology adoption could have been faster due to the difficulties of upgrading and maintaining on-premises systems. Industries struggled to keep up with the most recent technological advances, putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

To overcome all these problems, Skylimit Holding LLC modified VDI. Adopt Cloud Desktops with the Skylimit Holding LLC Modernize VDI strategy to empower your remote workers. Enterprises can confidently transition away from outdated VDI designs that limit agility and hinder productivity. A new architecture designed for tremendous public cloud scalability and Zero Trust Security. It's time to modernize end-user computing.