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With NextCloud, you can take control of your company for fast, safe, and secure file sharing.

A feature-rich enterprise-ready solution stack is precisely what every firm needs today, and data security is critical, primarily not being held down by any software vendor. Individuals and companies that want control over their data and the privacy of their online assets might consider Nextcloud hosting. Skylimit Holding LLC offers an economical and dependable Nextcloud cloud storage solution with an on-time payment methodology and no hidden expenses. Nextcloud can be used as a unified cloud storage solution and integrated with other Nextcloud functions such as file sharing, collaboration, and synchronization.

A private Cloud storage solution permits you to save and share your files at any time and from any device while also ensuring the security of your data. You can set up file storage for your team while retaining space scalability and optimal data safety by integrating an open-source solution like Nextcloud with our Cloud servers. In addition to managing files, Nextcloud allows you to control access to individual files by assigning permissions and privileges, which you can monitor and update at any time. You can also add a variety of collaboration and sharing capabilities to increase your team's efficiency.

Features of NextCloud Hosting Services

Secure Storage

There is automatic SSL and encryption for your data on the server or client side and permission-based access control to designate files or folders within the instance.

Collaborative Editing

Secure When collaborative editing in the web portal on a Mac, at work, using Word, or on a mobile device, you can view edits in real-time.

Dedicated Template

A particular Nextcloud template is available: select it when configuring your Cloud server, and Nextcloud will be installed on your server.

99.99% Uptime

We only reboot dynamic host servers when necessary. Our servers never go down, and we guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Connect your old drives.

Nextcloud enables external and trusted object storage, such as Amazon S3, as a data store.

Your data on your phone

Install the client on your phone for simple access to your data, storage of images and videos, and sharing with others.

Calendar & Contact Sync

You may sync your contacts/calendars/tasks by connecting your mobile device or PC.

Enterprise SSD Storage

Enterprise-level hardware for exceptionally dependable disk i/o completion compared to a standard VPS on traditional hard drive storage.

Access Anywhere

Our Nextcloud Managed Hosting has an easy-to-use web interface. You can also utilize the official Nextcloud apps for iOS and Android and PC, Mac, and Linux programs.

Technology Stack

Operating System: Ubuntu

Database: Postgres

Cloud Collaboration: Nextcloud

NextCloud Talk


Nextcloud Talk secures communication more effectively than competing collaboration systems such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. Nextcloud Talk goes beyond previous encrypted communication solutions, preventing even metadata from leaking. This keeps you in complete control of your communications and data.

Webinars and presentatios

For presentations, share the content of a single window or the entire desktop screen with chat partners.

  • Participants can be managed by inviting, muting, or removing them.
  • Schedule meetings and receive notifications when they begin.
  • Edit documents in the sidebar while chatting or taking a call.
  • Guests can wait in the lobby until the call begins.

Video Verification

Nextcloud includes an industry-first implementation of Video Verification in circumstances where extreme security is necessary, and the identity of a receiver must be validated with absolute certainty before they are permitted access.

Video Verification requires a Nextcloud Talk video chat before granting access to a share, ensuring the recipient's identity is correctly validated. The call can be answered using the Nextcloud Talk Mobile app or the online interface.

group, and public calls

Talk makes it simple to call customers and partners one-on-one or in groups. Users can use a URL to invite external chat users into public rooms on the Nextcloud server. Participants can easily share messages, links, and notes via the chat, which remains accessible even when the user disconnects from a call.

Why Skylimit Holding LLC?

  1. Expertise: Our team is well-versed in Ubuntu, Postgres, and Nextcloud, ensuring a thorough understanding of the complete technology stack.
  2. Web-based, multi-device: Nextcloud delivers a complete shareable corporate-grade service for sharing and collaborating in a controlled, feature-rich, web-based manner. However, it has robust native Windows, Apple, Linux, IOS, and Android programs that provide a familiar method to access many services. Nextcloud gives you complete control over storing, using, and sharing all collaboration processes, document libraries, and communication from any device.
  3. Affordable: Skylimit Holding LLC saves you money by putting all the tools in one location and charging you somewhat based on a fixed charge per tool, plus the disk space and bandwidth you utilize.
  4. User-friendly:  Skylimit Holding LLC is user-friendly and adaptable to various work styles. Your users can continue to operate in the methods they are accustomed to, whether using local apps and files or using a single browser-based dashboard. Robust collaboration tools connect everything, even among varied teams that work in different ways.
  5. Custom Solutions: We personalize Nextcloud services to your company's needs, delivering solutions that align with your aims and objectives.
  6. Reliability: Skylimit Holding LLC prioritizes the stability and security of your data, providing reliable hosting and support services.


Skylimit Holding LLC's Nextcloud offerings can help you transform your corporate cooperation. Are you an educational institution, a training organization, a health organization, a financial institution, or another type of business seeking a collaborative work solution? Whatever your industry, we are committed to supplying you with technology that matches your needs!

Most of our new company clients have been referred to us by satisfied customers. Our solutions give our clients peace of mind by securing their systems and data, saving them time and money.
In the United States and Canada, we provide nextCloud support for existing and new nextCloud systems. If you want to engage us for nextCloud support, please contact us. We appreciate your interest in Skylimit Holding LLC and look forward to working with you!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey toward a more efficient and secure workplace.

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