Barreau of Quebec

Skylimit Holding LLC has successfully delivered innovative IT programs for Quebec's Barreau. We are showing a dedication to innovation and efficiency. The projects included the deployment of Office 365 and the implementation of a VoIP solution. We completed this project perfectly, meeting and exceeding the business's goals.

Office 365 Deployment and Project Scope:

 Deployment of Office 365 and migration of 2000 Exchange users to Office 365.

Support for 20 employees.

 12 months of deployments.

 $2 Million budget.

 Key Achievements

Alignment of Business Requirement:

  • We worked closely with business management to understand the Barreau of Quebec's particular demands.
  • Comprehensive business cases developed to ensure the project aligned with corporate goals.

Cross-Functional Team Management:

  • Motivated and encouraged cross-functional team collaboration and leveraging the talents of each member.
  • They monitored team performance to ensure project schedules and objectives.
  • Strategic Planning:
  • We have created comprehensive planning for the Office 365 deployment, considering everything from user training to data migration.
  • Managed project timetables, ensuring milestones were met within the stipulated time frame.

Stakeholder Engagement:

 Managed relationships and communication with key stakeholders effectively; served as the program's primary point of contact, addressing complaints and ensuring alignment with corporate objectives.

Collaboration and Deliverable Approval:

  • Collaboration among team members facilitated the achievement of high-quality deliverables.
  • Maintaining a focus on quality and accuracy, we ensured the approval of deliverables.

Consistent Project Management:

  • We ensured that all program projects followed process standards.
  • Regularly monitored activities and conducted periodic evaluations to ensure compatibility with the program evaluation framework.

 VoIP Solution Implementation & Project Scope:

  • Deployment of a VoIP solution with Telinta, DIDX, and ThinQ.
  • Implement PABX, Softphone, and IP phone with MVNO for roaming workers.
  • 30 employees.
  • 10 months of deployments.
  • $1.5 Million budget.

Key Achievements:

  1. We are conducting an in-depth analysis to understand Barreau's distinct communication needs.
  2. We designed a VoIP solution to meet the needs of the organization.
  3. Activities were coordinated across delivery teams and contributors to ensure a smooth implementation.
  4. We monitored the progress of each project component to ensure timely completion.
  5. Communication with essential stakeholders remained open and transparent.
  6. Concerns were swiftly addressed, ensuring that the VoIP implementation fulfilled the expectations of all parties involved.
  7. We ensured the VoIP solution fulfilled process criteria and was compatible with the organization's technical environment.
  8. Extensive testing was performed to ensure the functioning and reliability of the implemented system.

Skylimit Holding LLC has completed two essential IT programs for the Barreau of Quebec, setting new efficiency and innovation standards. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations is demonstrated by the flawless execution of the Office 365 deployment and the VoIP solution implementation. These projects show Skylimit Holding LLC's dedication to excellence, cooperation, and the delivery of breakthrough IT solutions.


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