Hydro Quebec, Montreal, Canada National Energy Company

Skylimit Holding LLC's teams achieved milestones with Hydro Quebec, Montreal, Canada. We are delivering exceptional results through careful project management and proactive problem-solving. Our commitment to excellence ensured that projects were completed smoothly, meeting expectations and combining our position as a reliable technological partner.

Our Experts Methodology

Skylimit Holding LLC used a thorough and dynamic methodology to ensure the smooth execution of Hydro Quebec projects. Our strategy began with an in-depth analysis of our client's requirements, followed by close collaboration with management to grasp their vision and goals. This collaborative effort created the groundwork for thorough business cases, paving the way for efficient project planning and execution.

Our team of 30 highly qualified individuals carefully coordinated the cloud fax solution set up with XMedius. Meanwhile, we migrated and upgraded SOLMAN (SAP) to version 7.2. Our system shows clear communication, efficient cooperation, and an innovative problem-solving strategy to manage hurdles and mitigate risks.

Skylimit Holding LLC Deliveries

Skylimit Holding LLC ensures that both projects are completed on schedule and under budget. The cloud fax system was implemented in 8 months, involving 30 personnel and a $1 million expenditure. Furthermore, the migration and upgrades to SOLMAN, overseen by our team of 30 contributors, lasted 12 months and cost $3 million. The outcomes were technically sound and perfectly aligned with Hydro Quebec's business objectives.

Skylimit Holding LLC Responsibility

Skylimit Holding LLC provided strategic direction, managed project contributors, and implemented risk mitigation procedures. Our proactive problem-solving strategy ensured that potential issues were detected and handled immediately. We played a critical role in developing a strong connection with key stakeholders by serving as the program's principal point of contact. Our cross-functional team's collaboration, monitoring, and motivation were critical to the project's success.

Skylimit Holding LLC showed its experience and dedication to excellence in a technical environment, including Citrix XenApp, Windows 2000 and 2003 Server, Active Directory, Exchange 2003, and Windows 2000.

Skylimit Holding LLC's performance at Hydro Quebec shows our commitment to exceeding expectations. We thrive in managing complicated projects and are recognized as a valuable partner in advancing technology.


Ministry of Justice of Quebec, Montreal, Canada