IT Solutions for Arkenis, Paris

Skylimit Holding LLC takes immense pride in its successful collaboration with Arkenis, a prominent IT consulting and engineering company based in Paris, France. As Arkenis' trusted IT Project Manager, Skylimit Holding LLC spearheaded transformative initiatives, demonstrating unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.

The Success of Skylimit Holding LLC Projects [SN1] 

Arkenis faced large and complicated issues that needed a deliberate and precise approach. Skylimit Holding LLC managed internal IT projects and offered essential help with audits and system migration for five significant initiatives, each with its criteria and goals.

The initial project involved the installation of Group Policy Objects (GPO) and the execution of the architecture. Skylimit Holding LLC has a dedicated team of five professionals, providing a smooth 12-month deployment period on a $30,000 budget. The practical completion of this project not only modernized the system architecture but also improved Arkenis' overall operating efficiency.

Skylimit Holding LLC led the analysis of user demands and workstations in the second project. This complex project included profiles, masters, access methods, and business software. Skylimit Holding LLC led a team of five through a 12-month deployment on a $20,000 budget, resulting in a finely tuned and optimized user environment.

The third project was a critical evaluation of network infrastructure authentication. Skylimit Holding LLC and the team methodically analyzed and expanded the network infrastructure in a two-month deployment timeframe with a $15,000 budget, creating a stable and secure foundation for Arkenis' operations.

The fourth project consisted of safety checks and the deployment of a vulnerability management tool. Skylimit Holding LLC directed a team of five experts through a careful five-month deployment phase on a $25,000 budget. The result was a strengthened security framework that enabled Arkenis to address potential vulnerabilities and protect critical data proactively.

Skylimit Holding LLC key deliverables.

  • Skylimit Holding LLC adhered to a set of essential deliverables throughout these endeavors:
  • Ensuring a clear roadmap for project success.
  • Maintaining transparency and communication throughout the process.
  • Budget management is effective in achieving the best results.
  • Deliverables management and standard compliance
  • A thorough and ultimate wrap-up for easy integration.

Skylimit Holding LLC's flexibility in handling multiple technical environments included Citrix XenApp, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Big-IP, Cisco, NetApp, Active Directory, Exchange 2003, Windows XP, VMWare, and IIS.

Skylimit Holding LLC's commitment to Arkenis displays its expertise in IT project management. The practical completion of these projects not only met but exceeded Arkenis' expectations. Skylimit Holding LLC is a reliable partner in promoting technological innovation and operational excellence.

 ​The Skylimit Holding LLC Projects Success


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