Makes Dell's Montreal Data Centers with Seamless SAN Deployments

Skylimit Holding LLC is proud to catalyze innovation and transformation in the changing field of information technology. Our recent work with Dell showed our technological expertise and the strength of strategic project management. Skylimit Holding LLC successfully supervised the deployment of storage networks across various client data centers in Montreal.

The Challenge

Dell approached Skylimit Holding LLC with the challenging goal of improving their data centers through a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) strategy. The primary focus was on establishing storage networks that would not only suit the different needs of their clients but would also be compatible with the most recent advances in server hardware and virtualization technology. The stakes were high, with more than 50 projects on the horizon, each with its requirements and challenges.

The Skylimit Holding LLC Approach

A comprehensive plan designed to handle the challenging terrain of heterogeneous SAN deployments under the supervision of Skylimit Holding LLC's IT Director. Implementation of Compellent and EqualLogic Storage Area Networks, integration of Dell Power Vault Storage, and incorporation of Dell PowerEdge systems in the cloud environment were all part of the projects. A complete strategy focused on planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all project operations, including scope, schedule, cost, and quality.

The Skylimit team consists of 10-15 competent individuals who work in a matrix manner. They ensure optimal communication, collaboration, and coordination. Our experts were critical in formulating project strategies, fostering working relationships, and proactively addressing difficulties.

Overcoming Challenges

The projects delivered a diverse challenge, from short lead times (1 week to 3 months) to expenditures ranging from $500K to $2 million. Skylimit Holding LLC has proven its ability to adapt and grow. The precise identification and control of risks and issues ensured each project's timely and cost-effective completion.


Deliverables and Impact of Skylimit Holding LLC's[SN1] 

Skylimit Holding LLC's work with Dell has resulted in significant deliverables transforming Montreal's technological landscape. The IaaS program succeeded in smoothly installing and troubleshooting SANs and maintaining and assisting Dell desktop and laptop environments. The projects involved more than just implementing technology; they also aimed to improve the operational efficiency of Dell's data centers. Skylimit Holding LLC's commitment to excellence, strategic project management, and constant dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in IT is shown by the successful deployment of storage networks.

 The Skylimit Holding LLC Projects Success


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