Skylimit Holding LLC's continuous dedication to excellence was critical in successfully executing innovative projects for Sanofi-Aventis. It is a renowned pharmaceutical giant headquartered in Gentilly, France. Skylimit Holding LLC effectively negotiated the unique requirements of pharmacovigilance processes as the Project Manager Assistant for Fusion & Acquisitions. We work as the cornerstone between users, managers, and the information system department.

Our Achievement

Optimizing User Helpdesk and Managing IT Infrastructure

The optimization of the user helpdesk and the efficient management of computer equipment and servers were two of Skylimit Holding LLC's notable achievements. This included network account management, message systems, business applications, databases, print systems, file systems, Citrix, Lotus Notes, and Outlook installation. Skylimit Holding LLC successfully conducted 12-month deployments with a $100,000 budget while supervising 35 employees.

Key Deliverables

  • Project scope, timing, and cost were carefully planned to a high level, assuring conformity with Sanofi-Aventis' strategic objectives.
  • Ensured the project was completed within the business unit's cost limits, showing Skylimit Holding LLC's excellent financial management skills.
  • Managed deliverables while staying to internal standards and rules, ensuring industry best practices compliance.
  • Successfully led a technical and multidisciplinary team, encouraging team members' collaboration and synergy.
  • Monitored efforts and budget execution, offering real-time insights and modifications to ensure project success.
  • Provide a smooth transition and handover post-project completion
  • Managing Database Project Migration and Master Workstation Deployment

Skylimit Holding LLC further proved its abilities by organizing the database project's migration and deploying new master workstations based on Windows XP. Skylimit Holding LLC successfully conducted 8-month deployments with a $50,000 budget while supervising 25 employees.

Key Deliverables:

  • Developed and implemented a thorough project scope, timeline, and cost strategy, providing the groundwork for a successful migration and deployment.
  •  Skylimit Holding LLC showed excellent financial insight by managing the project under the specified budget determining the company's commitment to cost-effectiveness.
  • Coordinated the diverse team's work, ensuring smooth collaboration and communication throughout the project's lifecycle.
  • The project's trajectory was monitored and altered to ensure conformity with Sanofi-Aventis' evolving requirements.
  • The project was completed successfully, meeting or exceeding all stated criteria and goals.


Managing Database Migration:

Skylimit Holding LLC added another feather to its crown by managing the conversion of the Clintrace 2.6 database to Reporting with TOAD, followed by the migration to Clintrace 2.8 with Reporting using Business Object. Skylimit Holding LLC managed a team of 5 employees and supervised 12-month deployments with a budget of $30,000.

Key Deliverables

  • Managed the technical complexities of database migration expertly, ensuring a smooth transfer between systems.
  • Demonstrated adept project planning, monitoring efforts, and budget adjustment to ensure success.
  • We used our considerable technical understanding of Oracle 10g and SQL Server to ensure a smooth migration.
  • The project was completed, providing Sanofi-Aventis with an improved and streamlined database system.

Skylimit Holding LLC's success in these projects indicates its technical expertise and dedication to client satisfaction, effective financial management, and smooth project execution. We have an indelible mark on Sanofi-Aventis' pharmacovigilance infrastructure. We set our standards for success in the pharmaceutical business through detailed planning, strategic coordination, and consistent dedication to quality.


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