Skylimit Holding LLC's IT Project Management Triumph at Osica, Paris, France

Our dedicated team successfully planned and completed all essential projects for Osica. It is a well-known building and asset management firm in Paris, France. Skylimit Holding LLC produced amazing results by taking a careful approach to IT budget evaluation. Our experts deliver an uncompromising dedication to project performance management. They ensure all projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Project 1

Backup Monitoring and System Security Enhancement

The first project included improving the security and reliability of Osica's operating systems and servers. Skylimit Holding LLC constantly monitored backup systems, established strong antivirus protection, and coordinated the release of important updates, including WSUS and MBSA. The project, which lasted 12 months and had a budget of $200,000, was managed by a team of 15 employees. The diligent efforts resulted in a more vital IT infrastructure, providing Osica with a stable base for day-to-day operations.

Project 2

Active Directory Optimization and Access Rights Management

Skylimit Holding LLC focused on optimizing Osica's Active Directory, ensuring seamless AD group convergence and efficient administration. The team was tasked with minimizing server disk space, managing access permissions to shared resources, and scheduling scripts for improved functionality. The project, in which I led and coached a team of 5 to 10 people, was finished in four months and on a $50,000 budget. As a result, the Active Directory system was streamlined and efficient, considerably increasing overall operating efficiency.

Project 3

Comprehensive Servers Patch Management

The third project focuses on patch management across essential systems, such as Intranet, Printing, File Systems, Citrix, Antivirus, and Backup. Skylimit Holding LLC supervised a team of 5-10 employees in a six-month project with a $20,000 budget. As a result, Osica's IT infrastructure now has a continuously updated and secure server environment, which improves overall performance and reliability.

Project 4

MBSA Analysis and DNS/DHCP Administration

Skylimit Holding LLC executed DNS and DHCP administration in the fourth project, which included a thorough review of MBSA reports. The task was accomplished in three months and on a $10,000 budget with a team of five to ten people. This project's meticulous attention to detail strengthened Osica's network security and stability, creating a strong and reliable IT foundation.


Deliverables and Achievements[SN1] 

Skylimit Holding LLC followed an exact set of deliverables throughout each project. It includes monitoring progress, ensuring on-time and on-budget completion, managing compliance with established standards, and fostering client relationships. They also provide regular reports to the Executive Committee. These achievements combined to revolutionize Osica's IT landscape, positioning the company for long-term success in the dynamic field of building and asset management. The successful completion of these projects demonstrates Skylimit Holding LLC's dedication to ensuring that Osica's IT infrastructure is secure, reliable, and ready for future development and innovation.

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