Business case for Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is an advanced solution that lets you connect to a remote virtual desktop wherever you are. AVD is the industry standard for virtual desktops, and Microsoft Azure and 365 power it. AVD is one of the most useful tools in the Microsoft toolbox, and every business should have it.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based virtual machine service that lets you connect to a virtual desktop anywhere. To get started, simply enter the virtual desktop server into any remote desktop tool. You can even use the "Remote Desktop Connection" function built into Windows!

As AVD is a Microsoft product, running a Windows virtual machine is the ideal option. It has the added advantage of being cloud-based, which means greater scalability and adaptability than traditional on-premises virtual machines. It also interoperates seamlessly with other Microsoft Azure and 365 products, making it far superior to any other option for your workflow.

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