Collaboration within the project The problem

Collaboration on 3D CAD models is crucial to the completion of projects in many industries. These include architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), manufacturing and life sciences. However, geographically dispersed teams or the involvement of external project partners often hinder effective collaboration, leading to project bottlenecks that impact on overall productivity.

IT managers have explored a variety of technologies to solve this problem, including outdated VDI solutions, VPNs for remote working, physical workstations connected to a WAN, and so on. Unfortunately, these solutions pose a series of problems that not only reduce user productivity, but also increase IT costs and complexity.

Performance gaps: Existing technologies often fail to deliver the desired performance, posing problems for the smooth cooperation and execution of 3D CAD projects.

  1. Unreliable user experience: Users generally require more consistency and interruptions in their experience, which limits the fluidity of collaborative efforts on 3D CAD models.
  2. Intellectual property security issues: Some technologies raise legitimate concerns about the protection of intellectual property, exposing organisations to potential risks and damaging sensitive data.
  3. Data management issues: The solutions used need to process data efficiently, leading to problems with version control, access rights and general data integrity.

As Skylimit Holding LLC, we recognize the critical need for a secure and efficient collaboration environment in these industries. Our custom solutions are designed to address these issues, ensuring maximum performance, a reliable user experience, enhanced intellectual property security and seamless data management for 3D CAD projects. Join us to advance your initiatives without sacrificing productivity or security.


Skylimit Holding LLC is a cloud-based collaboration tool for architects and contractors working with 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling. The platform is designed to improve project execution and collaboration. It enables users to build customer loyalty, save time and maximise customer convenience.

Skylimit Holding LLC provides an easy-to-use platform that maximizes productivity for experienced users while delivering a simple, cost-effective experience for IT departments and businesses.

Unmatched performance: Skylimit Holding LLC uses the global regions of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to build highly secure, low-latency cloud desktops for better performance of CAD and office productivity applications.

  1. User experience: Our new approach involves co-locating data with computing resources in the cloud, guaranteeing fast file read/write operations and smooth 3D CAD model generation. Even if the connection to the cloud workstation is temporarily interrupted, there is no risk of data loss or damage.
  2. Top-notch security: You can rest assured that Skylimit Holding LLC's cloud workstations are safe from theft, loss or malware threats. Our comprehensive security architecture enables end-to-end data encryption, both in transit and at rest, as no data is stored on peripheral devices or appliances.
  3. Seamless collaboration: Skylimit Holding LLC promotes collaborative work environments for CAD and BIM engineers by centralising all data. Working from a unified data environment reduces potential errors and rework, speeding up the collaboration process.

Choose Skylimit Holding LLC for a cloud workspace solution that delivers optimal performance, security and collaboration for your CAD and office productivity needs. Enhance your work environment without sacrificing simplicity or cost-effectiveness...

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