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Businesses depend on their IT equipment to keep their operations running smoothly. That may be obvious, but it's no less true. So you need to do everything you can to keep your hardware in good condition. Hardware doesn't last forever. So you'll need to set up a hardware refresh cycle. Physical PCs are cumbersome and limit an organisation's ability to adapt quickly to changes in its business.

For decades, corporate IT teams have been looking for a better way to manage and protect company-owned PCs.

Providing contractors and temporary staff with secure access to company resources is a challenge.

  • The expense, management and long-term viability issues associated with hardware replacement cycles.
  • End-user downtime due to PC failures in remote offices.
  • Security and compliance concerns when PCs are lost or stolen.
  • Maintaining operating systems and applications globally.
  • Providing secure access from non-Windows devices such as Macs, Chromebooks, iOS and Android.

Traditional VDI and cloud-based virtual desktops are complicated alternatives to real PCs that require significant IT resources to deploy, operate and troubleshoot. Modern VDI architectures, on the other hand, tackle these problems; the secret is to choose the best strategy for your business.


The growth of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) from industry giants such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS has opened up intriguing opportunities for businesses to reinvent their IT strategies in today's dynamic business landscape. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are adopting a cloud-centric approach, realising the exceptional agility that cloud services offer, enabling their businesses to react quickly to ever-changing business requirements.

We are delighted to launch the Skylimit Holding LLC Cloud-Driven Business Accelerator. Skylimit Holding LLC is an innovative solution for today's organisations. As a pioneering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform, our solution provides a unified control centre from which IT teams can efficiently provision and manage virtual desktops and applications on a global scale.

Key features of SKYLIMIT HOLDING LLC Cloud-Driven Business Accelerator .

Rapid deployment.                                                        
Rapidly deploy and maintain secure virtual desktops in on-premises data centres and across multiple public cloud regions

Hardware agility.                                  
Forget the complexity of hardware refresh cycles and the difficulties associated with PC repair scenarios.

Device flexibility.                                        
To ensure compatibility and flexibility for users, configure secure access across different devices, including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iOS and Android.

Conditional access control.                          
Ensure accurate central management of global users by providing conditional access based on user types such as employees, contractors, temporary staff and trainees.

Global visibility.                                                  
With Skylimit Holding LLC and our Network Operations Centre (NOC), you can enjoy complete end-to-end visibility of user access on a global scale, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Less downtime.                                                  
As you might expect, newer equipment is less prone to the breakdowns and problems that affect older systems. As a result, downtime is much less frequent, reducing the problems your team members have to deal with over time.

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