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Zero confidence is the wave of the future when it comes to network security. What's keeping you in the past? As well as being a single point of failure, servers aren't designed to meet the security expectations of a heterogeneous workforce, making them an open target for hackers trying to break into your corporate network.

If you don't already have a policy in place, it's time to reconsider your approach to information security. Cybercrime, particularly ransomware, is the fastest growing crime in the US, with attacks becoming more numerous, widespread and sophisticated. Skylimit Holding LLC's enterprise VDI platform was created to help you implement your zero-trust security strategy.

Zero Trust is gaining momentum. Adoption of this modern security paradigm has doubled in just two years, with 61% of organisations claiming to have a zero trust initiative in place. A further 35% intend to adopt one in the near future. Unlike many others, SKYLIMIT HOLDING LLC's approach to virtual desktop security strengthens your zero-trust security framework.


Skylimit Holding LLC offers a variety of solutions to help companies at different stages of their journey to zero confidence.

Deliver the necessary data, applications and tools securely in the browser!             
Unlike other systems, all communications between the end user and the servers are in HTML. So there's no need to worry about the security of the end device. What's more, the data is always stored in the cloud, where it is most secure.

Predictable low costs                                
To keep costs low, Skylimit Holding LLC uses advanced auto-scaling and optimisation techniques. Customers pay a modest, predictable price. Everything is already included. Therefore, no systems integrator, implementation or consulting fees are required.

Easy-to-use management console                           
Skylimit Holding LLC was designed from the ground up as a SaaS solution so that businesses can focus on what's important to them. Customers report significant IT time savings, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Skylimit Holding LLC provides backup, recovery, monitoring, anti-virus and other tasks as part of its service. Time-consuming and tedious tasks are managed so that businesses can focus on what's important.

An almost native user experience                  
Users can perform their essential tasks in the virtual environment, including audio, video and conferencing. As a result, all traffic is routed through the company's security stack.

Access with as few privileges as possible
Users are automatically granted access to the necessary applications, data and network resources based on their group membership. This prevents unauthorised access and lateral movements.

Contact us to find out how Skylimit Holding LLC Identity Protection can help your organization strengthen and improve its cybersecurity against today's array of threats.

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