The Best Odoo ERP Services

Skylimit Holding LLC takes pleasure in providing various services to meet the different needs of modern businesses. Our expertise is in providing integrated solutions centered on Odoo ERP, Nextcloud, Free VDI Workstations, and robust End-to-End Security.

Skylimit Holding LLC fully manages Odoo ERP.

Odoo's open-source business app covers various requirements, including CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, billing, point of sale, and project management. It is simple to use and fully integrated.

Skylimit Holding LLC fully manages the benefits of Odoo ERP.

Deploy a fully managed instance of Odoo ERP on Skylimit Holding LLC in minutes. You may rest easy knowing we will handle installation, configuration, encryption, security, backups, live monitoring, software, and operating system updates.

Management of your company's accounting and finance

You can use the software to synchronize data with your bank, manage invoices, control costs and supplier invoices, and generate projections. It's a comprehensive and sophisticated accounting system. This ERP System supports multi-currency and multi-company transactions and helps you to consolidate your accounting data.

Apps that work together seamlessly

The Odoo apps operate flawlessly together, allowing you to automate and track everything you do. They are centralized, online, and available from anywhere with any device. Because of Odoo's open-source development strategy, thousands of developers and business experts have collaborated to create the world's largest ecosystem of fully connected business apps.

Boosting efficiency

A well-integrated ERP system helps boost trading companies' productivity and efficiency. It reduces the time that departments spend on day-to-day company operations. Furthermore, it increases employee efficiency by reducing the need for manual task monitoring.

Management of your human resources

This ERP makes it simple to manage human resources: recruitment processes are tracked and documented in the program, as is employee information. All of your human resources business operations can be integrated. This ERP System handles Leaves, Expenses, Appraisals, Recruitment, Time Sheets, and Attendance.

Sales management

You are creating quotes and following up. Everything is done online, from quote creation to quote signature. It's simple to use. You begin by generating and configuring your items. You can then construct a quotation template and an online quotation template. When the quote is accepted, the system creates everything. If you sell tangible goods, a delivery order will be generated. Subscriptions will be formed if you sell Subscription items. If you sell Services, it will immediately develop a new project with tasks.

Increased workflow transparency

Tasks and workflows are well displayed because the linked ERP system provides centralized data. Employees, for example, can readily monitor the work of their colleagues if the ERP system is combined with the project management tool. Transparency in an enterprise's workflow leads to improved productivity and relationship management.


You will like using Odoo if you develop your products and require an ERP for manufacturing. You can quickly configure your BOM, Routing, Operations, and Work Center. You can manage the progress of your products with the PLM Module. This Odoo app is also linked to all of Odoo's other modules, such as Sales, Accounting, and Inventory. By outlining all the phases in your manufacturing process, you may boost your operator's efficiency and take your manufacturing to the next level.

Dedicated Hardware & Automated Updates

All services are delivered on dedicated virtual machines, giving you complete access to the underlying resources and kernel-level security. Let us save your company time and money while providing the performance and security benefits of routinely updated software and systems.

Predictable pricing

A fixed monthly fee covers storage, bandwidth, updates, security, and maintenance. You can move your software and data to any cloud provider anytime. Skylimit Holding LLC gives you complete freedom and control.

No more painful integrations

If you have separate software solutions that work but need to communicate with one another. In that case, you're entering data often and need a comprehensive picture of what's happening. There is something to help handle your business demands in a single, cost-effective, modular solution among the Odoo apps.

Skylimit Holding LLC Odoo Services

Odoo Consultation:

Odoo consultants help businesses gather business needs so that the system may be built to fit their workflow. Our consultants are professionals who will help you with the gap analysis, which will help the development team develop the ideal ERP system for your company.

Odoo Support

Odoo provides ongoing support even after the installation is complete. We provide the most comprehensive Odoo support package, which covers 24/7 assistance, bug fixes, functional support, server support, and maintenance. The team communicates using Skype, email, phone calls, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and other means.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo is a significant enterprise software that might be challenging to implement without the help of experts. Skylimit Holding LLC will help you to overcome these obstacles. Our Odoo Deployment and Development services assist you in efficiently implementing this technology on your web cloud application.

Odoo Hosting & Setup

Our Odoo hosting services provide exceptional efficiency and reliability. We offer scalable and secure hosting solutions to ensure your Odoo ERP runs smoothly. We'll handle the technical stuff. Our professionals will take the configuration of your Odoo environment, providing a flawless deployment that fully corresponds with the needs of your firm.

Technology Stack

Our dedication to quality is reflected in our technology stack, which includes Debian as the foundation—MySQL for robust database administration and competence in implementing Odoo in all versions. With the integration of the Wazuh solution, we improve the security posture of your company processes by delivering advanced threat detection and response capabilities.
Partner with Skylimit Holding LLC for an integrated approach to business solutions. Our dedication to excellence and innovation guarantees that your company is well-positioned for success in the digital landscape.

 Odoo Customization

With our customization services, the Skylimit Holding LLC team can help you get the most out of your Odoo ERP. Our development team will tailor your website to your needs and business type.

Odoo Module Development

Because one size does not fit all, Odoo provides you with all of the features that you would require. Skylimit Holding LLC helps you develop on-demand modules with dynamic features that extend and enhance your potential.

Odoo Migration

With our migration services, you can seamlessly migrate your existing systems to Odoo. Reduce disruptions and maximize the value of Odoo's integrated range of applications.

Contact us today to embark on a journey toward efficiency, collaboration, and security.

Workstation in cloud

Skylimit Holding LLC is at the forefront of developing creative and efficient Open Workstation solutions to satisfy the changing needs of organizations in today's digital economy.



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