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What we offer

Skylimit Holding LLC offers a complete Wazuh service based on business needs. Our professional team caters to the security needs of your organization.

Skylimit Holding LLC provides ongoing support to ensure your Wazuh deployment remains effective. Our professional support team is available to resolve issues, provide updates and offer proactive assistance. Our support team responds to a wide range of questions and difficulties regarding any component of the Wazuh services. Finally, by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, we offer them added value for their hard-earned money.

Deploying and configuring Wazuh

Our team of experts excels at deploying Wazuh solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs. We ensure a robust and efficient deployment, from initial installation to configuration and fine-tuning. Our technical engineers focus on optimising results for specific scenarios, ultimately building a successful architecture for solution deployment, third-party integration and customisations.

Wazuh consultation

Our qualified consultants work with your team to assess your security needs, analyse existing systems and develop tailored Wazuh solutions. We offer strategic insights to help you improve your cybersecurity posture.

Wazuh migration

With our Wazuh migration services, you can streamline your security infrastructure. We ensure a smooth transfer, minimising downtime and maximising the performance of your security environment.


"Skylimit Holding LLC speeds up your project management".


What you need to know about our project management services :

Benefits of our project management services :



With the help of project management services, you can optimise the team's workload. This can lead to faster delivery in the shortest possible time. Skylimit's project management solutions enable more effective communication. They also help people focus on achieving their goals and getting the results they want.



The PM process enables all members to understand their roles and responsibilities. This clarity improves overall team performance and coordination. Tasks are completed smoothly. Everyone working on your project has defined requirements, success criteria and a deadline for completing tasks.


Skylimit's project management expertise helps your business to create the foundations it needs to grow. This is achieved through project management best practice support systems, mentoring programmes, in-depth training and methodology development tools. It's a unique collection of solutions for your business that's equally impressive.



Effective management saves you time and money. A professional project manager with exceptional time management skills will ensure that every team member's time is used effectively. The same applies to budget and resources.



Skylimit PM shares regular updates with you, so there won't be any unexpected challenges in your way. A clear understanding of the project flow will motivate your team to deliver consistent results. Minimal risk and higher quality products



Skylimit strives to create holistic approaches that position your business for long-term success at every level. We do this by educating and training experts within your organisation.


"Skylimit Holding LLC has based its developments on what has been approved by you.

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We have an impressive track record of delivering projects on time, on budget and to the required quality standards. Skylimit ensures that our clients' business objectives and benefits are achieved through a controlled, well-managed and transparent set of activities.


Skylimit Project Management Services is a leading project management consultancy in the United States. 

We have a reputation for delivering the most complex projects. 

Our consultants, methodology, technology and tools are our most valuable assets.

We leverage these assets to provide our clients with a competitive advantage while completing time-sensitive projects.



What our team of consultants does:

IT support services

When your IT challenges threaten to overwhelm your operations, we offer the IT support expertise you need.


Cyber security solution

You have access to expert cybersecurity consultants, a virtual information security manager and cloud security services. We protect your business against continuous attacks, 24 hours a day.

Digital transformation services

We can help companies identify gaps in their strategy and invest in the best open technologies. Skylimit Holding LLC provides critical insights to drive digital strategy.


IT leadership services

Our IT professionals can re-architect and re-design entire systems or create a plan for specific areas to keep your business running smoothly. They approach every task with the same skill and commitment.


Data management

We keep appropriate records of your data and the implementation processes...

Creating solutions

We offer creative solutions and strategic planning to tackle any problem.


Business processes and cost optimisation

Our IT experts use their knowledge to help you identify hidden inefficiencies in your business, analyse your spend and review your use of technology. We can partner with you to improve your business operations and IT costs.

Expert advice

Another benefit of using Skylimit Holding LLC's IT consulting services is that you will get first-hand expert advice. It will also provide you with innovative technology solutions and information on IT best practices.

Better focus on core business

Many companies try to manage their technology in-house, but the time, money and resources involved can impact on the organisation's bottom line. As a result, your attention can be used more effectively

Enhanced cyber security

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent, posing serious risks to organisations. According to statistics, 60% of small businesses that fall victim to a cyber-attack disappear within six months.

"Create a plan that aligns with your data requirements to ensure business data is protected with high-performance database management services."



Skylimit Holding LLC's SaaS application integration services reduce your company's operating costs and increase your return on investment.


Guaranteeing data security

Periodic assessment


Training employees

"IT architecture is becoming increasingly complex and demanding as businesses expand and grow. Changing business landscapes drive dynamic integration requirements. They also need an ecosystem in which different systems can easily communicate with each other and stay connected."



Initial assessment: Understanding your business.

Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of your business. Its current technology and its short- and long-term objectives. We'll work closely with you to understand your issues and uncover opportunities for improvement. Our specialists can ensure they select the right tools and services to meet their existing integration needs by identifying integration requirements.

Planning the integration strategy

Once you have chosen an integration platform, the next step is to design an integration strategy. This involves determining the order in which the selected applications are to be integrated, as well as the data mapping and transformation requirements. By establishing the integration strategy, Skylimit Holding's professionals ensure that the integration project runs smoothly.

Controlling and maintaining integration

User experience is crucial. We will strive to ensure that integrated systems are easy to use and that the integration is manageable for your staff. We must thoroughly test the integration project before deployment to ensure that it works as intended. This involves checking integration operations and testing data transmission between applications. 

Guaranteeing data security

The exchange of sensitive data between different applications is part of SaaS integration. It is essential to guarantee the security of sensitive data during transport and storage. To protect data, we use appropriate security measures such as encryption, access controls and monitoring.



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