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Project management

Project management services are designed to help external companies plan, execute and complete their projects effectively. These services typically involve working with a team of experienced project managers who have the skills and expertise to ensure the success of the project. Services can include project planning, cost and resource management, risk management, communication management, stakeholder management and project monitoring and control. The objective of project management services is to streamline project execution while respecting deadlines, budgets and expected results. These services can help external companies achieve their strategic objectives, optimise their performance and ensure that their projects are delivered on time and on budget. We're here to help you achieve your project objective.

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Lifecycle of our project management services

1. Project start-up phase :

The launch of the project involves a high-level definition by the project manager. The assessment includes a business case, feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis. Stakeholder feedback is actively sought. Once approved, a dynamic charter is created as the basis for the project plan.

2. Project planning phase :

Discussion of project ideas with our project managers. Creation of a business project plan, taking into account stakeholders, the business case and SMART objectives. Development of a strategy with defined roles and objectives, taking into account the baseline budget.

3. Budget estimation and project costing:

Skylimit helps the client control project costs. Ongoing review and revision of cost estimates. Regular project cost reports are provided to the client.

4. Project planning and administration :

Development of a project schedule based on completion date and scope of services. Establishment of an effective communication system between stakeholders. Continuous monitoring and control of project progress. Regular updating of the project schedule as required.

5. Aligned execution:

The project manager is responsible for resource allocation and workflow management. Weekly control procedures to maintain an up-to-date schedule. Encouragement of team discipline to ensure motivation and accountability.

6. Project monitoring and control :

Evaluation and monitoring of project performance during the implementation phase. Correcting measures by monitoring project activity. Emphasis on maintaining quality and close monitoring of the budget.

7. Closure:

In-depth review to ensure that all deliverables and project objectives have been met. Quality assurance audit to verify compliance with the strictest standards. Customer satisfaction is a primary objective, with feedback and approval sought. Once the final report has been reviewed and approved, the project is commissioned.

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Benefits of our project management services


   A results-driven approach

Project management services optimise the team's workload. This can lead to the fastest delivery in the shortest possible time. Skylimit's project management solutions enable more effective communication. They also help people to focus on achieving their objectives and getting the results they want.

     Improved communication  

Project managers, designers, engineers and other stakeholders can collaborate more effectively on a project using the Skylimit system. This is made possible by a shared knowledge base and similar working methods. Projects can be completed quickly thanks to well-coordinated PMM and PMO tracking, reducing the time spent on management issues.

   A clear delivery date 

Expert project management services facilitate all dependencies and avoid bottlenecks. A skilled project manager controls scope and costs, ensuring that the team is focused on completing the task.

   Effective collaboration

The PM process enables all members to understand their roles and responsibilities. This clarity improves overall team performance and coordination. Tasks are completed smoothly. Everyone working on your project has defined requirements, success criteria and a deadline for completing tasks.

 Wise resource management

Effective management saves you time and money. A professional project manager with exceptional time management skills will ensure that each team member's time is used efficiently. The same applies to budget and resources.

 more time for strategic decisions

Task management is a tool used by a project manager to help you focus on your future objectives. You can devote more time to developing and improving your business strategy.

 Less risk

Skylimit PM shares regular updates with you, so there won't be any unexpected challenges in your way. A clear understanding of the project flow will motivate your team to deliver consistent results. The risks are minimal and the products of higher quality.

  Comprehensive customer service

Our project management teams are made up of skilled and experienced individuals from around the world. We provide a world-class set of project management tools, processes and systems to ensure that services are delivered consistently and according to best practice.

We show our customers how to optimise the technical scope of project development, capital costs, schedule and execution plans. This involves sufficient upfront work to maximise the value of the investment decision before project sanction to ensure a robust decision-making process.

 Long-term solutions 

Skylimit strives to create holistic approaches that position your business for long-term success at every level. We do this by educating and training experts within your organisation.

 Expert support

Skylimit's project management expertise helps your business create the foundations for growth. This is achieved through best practice project management support systems, mentoring programmes, in-depth training and methodology development tools.

"The strength of our company lies in our people, our experience, our approach and our system.


Principles of our project management services

  No rough estimates

Skylimit's project managers rely on more than rough estimates. We base our estimates on a thorough review of the project scope, schedule and resources. We strive to maximise project effort while staying within budget and achieving project objectives.


If you wish to change your project, skylimit will modify the process and planning to meet your requirements. Our customers and partners benefit from maximum flexibility through effective collaboration.

 Corporate culture

To manage projects successfully, we start with our own. We always ensure that Skylimit staff are enthusiastic about their work. Our strong corporate principles enable people to recognise their value as a team.

 Attention to detail

Our project managers have an eye for detail. They are attentive to the slightest changes in the workflow. In this way, they ensure that the development process proceeds according to the agreed plan.


Skylimit offers a number of project management tools and methodologies. We will select the optimum combination and the most effective project management style. Our management style is based on your project's objectives, its uniqueness and your personal credentials.

 An easy process

We can start working together in just a few steps if we keep things simple. Our project managers use simple reporting and accountability systems. You'll save time figuring out what's going wrong with your project.

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Project management services Skylimit is a leading project management consultancy in the United States. We have a reputation for delivering the most complex projects. Our consultants, methodology, technology and tools are our most valuable assets. We leverage these assets to provide our clients with a competitive advantage while completing time-sensitive projects. Our project managers are certified by the International Association of Facilitators and the Project Management Institute. They use our proven technique to help project teams create and manage credible plans.

We have an impressive track record of delivering projects on time, on budget and to the required quality standards. Skylimit ensures that our clients' business objectives and benefits are achieved through a controlled, well-managed and transparent set of activities. We are the best project management consultancy and our team is always available to assist with project delivery. 

Our technology and tools automate complex project management tasks and reduce costs. This allows client team members to stay involved without sacrificing productivity. We provide you with a team of specialist consultants. We'll put together a customised team with the level of expertise and size that your project requires, based on the needs of the project/urgency.

"SKYLIMITS HOLDING LLC is the project manager you can count on.

Skylimit Holding LLC is a reputable and trusted project management consultant in Miami, Florida, USA. Our project management consultants are skilled in finance, analysis, problem solving and procurement. Our consultants work as an extension of your project team. This integrated approach allows us to anticipate unforeseen delays, technical challenges and minor errors. With our project management consulting services, you benefit from objectivity, increased productivity, high return on investment and reduced operating costs.